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Municipal support


A municipality can include any number of buildings, from residential, commercial properties and industrial facilities. NORTEC Building Consultants can provide inspection support for municipalities wherever the need exists.

Plans examination


Before your construction project begins, let NORTEC ensure your plans are compliant with Ontario Building Code standards. We will thoroughly review all permit documentation.

Building department consulting


The Building Code requires permit applications to be reviewed in very specific time periods. To avoid delays and ensure the smooth process of permit approvals, let the NORTEC handle the building departments permit applications on your behalf or alongside your team. We will work with your CBO to expedite the process, including a building permit approval process and site inspection programs.

Staff Support


When a chief building official / inspector is away or needs assistants it can cause difficulty for municipalities. NORTEC Building Consultants are fully qualified and prepared to step in immediately to keep the department running smoothly. No training is required – we simply pick up where others left off so building safety is never compromised.

Depending on your need,

NORTEC can be on site on a part time basis or throughout an entire project.

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