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Our Expertise

It’s our job to know the Ontario Building Code and we bring that knowledge and experience to multiple areas of need.
Building Designs

We provide architectural designs for small and large projects such as: single family home, additions, renovations, garage, cottage, decks and small commercial projects.​​


After the design stage is completed we produce the required drawings in order to obtain a building permit.​


With more than 25 years experience in residential construction design and the practical knowledge from having personally inspected thousands of homes as a municipal Building Inspector, this gives me the ability to conceive potential problems at the design stage.

  • Evaluate municipal zoning requirements for your project.

  • Measure existing structure and prepare drawings of existing conditions to submit for permits and fire retrofits.

  • Prepare design proposal for project.

  • Prepare detailed architectural drawings to obtain building permit and for construction.

  • Process municipal building permit applications.

Architectural Services
Building Code (BCIN) Identification Number

When submitting drawings for the permit process, all drawings must include the approval of an individual certified in accordance with the Ontario Building Code. NORTEC Building Consultants are fully qualified to review your drawings prior to submission and work with you to ensure complete compliance with the code is present. Once your drawings satisfy all aspects of compliance, we will approve them and add our BCIN approval information.

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